Delivery of IEC 61850 Expertise trough Testing Tools & Services


We are specialized in understanding and testing of IEC 61850 Modeling, Engineering and Communication.
Our knowledge enables us to provide you comprehensive and high-quality tools for detail testing of IEC 61850 implementation. Whether you are Developing, Conformance testing or Specification testing, our Testing Tools & Services will give you means and knowledge to do it.
Our Testing tools are used for many years in accredited laboratories performing UCA certification and by vendors preparing and pretesting their implementations. And we are now focused to deliver same capabilities to Utilities in order to verify functionalities of their systems.


Power Industry Automation meets IT & Programming


Modern Power Automation Systems are continuously evolving and becoming more capable by utilizing information technologies and greater computing power. This puts a pressure on Automation engineers to build multidisciplinary knowledge and keep the pace with industry requirements.
We understand that such task is demanding and therefore we provide tools, trainings and services that will help you to upgrade your knowledge and have capability to design and verify your solutions.


Skillful team committed to quality and reliability


We are a group of engineers with roots in power automation protection, control & design merged with developers and IT engineers. Our different backgrounds give us pool of versatile knowledge to understand, investigate and resolve modern Power Automation challenges.
We have experience in conformance, specification and functional testing of IEC 61850 based solutions. We are actively participating in work of UCAIug Testing Committee and IEC TC57 Working Group 10 where IEC 61850 series of standards along with guidelines and specifications are developed.
As part of Pro Integris group we continuously cooperate with team of application and field engineers in designing, testing and commissioning of PAC systems around the globe. This allows us to acquire direct feedback from real life systems and gives us opportunity to test our solutions and products in diverse environment.