Ensure you are getting the most out of your system today and in future.



Multilayer perspectives of IEC 61850 systems could hide incompatibilities and behaviors of the system that will lead to wrong system controllability and observability degradation and maloperations.
If you are questioning yourself:
- Is this system fulfilling my needs?
- Is it IEC 61850 Interoperable?
- Will it be future proof?
We are ready to help you to understand and overcame any suspicion that delivered products are in line with your requirements and specifications.



Goal of IEC 61850 System Interoperability is to verify that all system elements are compliant to the standard but, more importantly, that whole Runtime system and Engineering process are in line with it as well.
Our procedure achieves that through dedicated steps:
- Test plan adaptation: Optimization of more than 300 test cases to fit your system.
- Pre-test: Inspection of system implementation and running offline test cases.
- Site Testing: Quality of engineering, Data modeling, Network performance, Communication and System behavior.
Post-analysis: Detail report of found issues, their impact and possible improvements.



Get the most out of IEC 61850 standard
- By unlocking power of standardized solutions.
Proof of your system interoperability
- Drive your system to fit your needs today and in future.
Save money and time
- By finding, correcting and improving issues at early stage.
Reduce risks
- By eliminating faulty system behaviors.
Build your inhouse knowledge
- With help of our expert’s extensive knowledge.


Team of experts with knowledge and experience:

GridClone – In developing and supporting conformance testing procedures and tools

Pro Integris – In designing, testing and commissioning of automation systems

Providing prefect combination of technical and practical “know-how” to drive your system quality.

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